Network Members

Our work supports the growth and development of regenerative businesses that create solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

Communications strategy, solutions, web design, web development and search engine optimization (SEO). Measurable social and financial impact beyond financial return.

Our marketplace matches impact-verified products and their journeys, representing people, purpose and planet, to conscious individuals throughout the world. Our team is dedicated to climate action by working to achieve carbon neutrality, green power solutions, sustainable development and climate action through regenerative agriculture.

We’re on a mission to supply you with unique, impact-driven, regenerative hemp-based products and leading insights.
Industrial Cannabis Research, Development & Manufacturing…

Active impact investors collaborating with scale-ups and established businesses to bring their innovative environmental technologies and solutions to the global market.

GhostNetWork is a NGO dedicated to protecting and cleaning the oceans by removing ghost nets and discarded fishing gear from the sea.

Find your place to make a Difference. Connecting impact organizations with dedicated individuals and creating a network to scale social and environmental impact.

RampRate is a global advisory firm that has served enterprises looking to reduce cost, risk, time, and the carbon footprint of their IT supply chains for 20+ years.

With a focus on how corporate decisions impact our world, Syzygy has launched two initiatives for companies looking for an enlightened, socially responsible approach to business.

The mission of the Bluenumber Foundation is to change how people and organisations own, manage and benefit from use of their digital identity and data.