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Global Collaboration

We connect impact investors, corporate teams, professionals from the fields of impact finance and sustainable development, as well as entrepreneurs, with:

A regenerative economy is emerging through the integration of data, stakeholder engagement, impact and financial performance

RAZ Finance supports the implementation of the following solutions and processes:

ESG and impact data management

Integrated reporting on ESG, impact, and sustainability alongside financial performance

Verification of claims and outcomes by established and reputable third-parties, interconnected stakeholder engagement, according to globally-recognized best practices, including those established by the following organizations:

Our Members

Stakeholders across the emerging regenerative economy:

Investors, business leaders and teams seeing to improve how they measure and manage positive impact in correlation to financial performance

Conscious businesses at all stages of growth and their team members, sustainable product manufacturers, agricultural producers

Mission-driven entrepreneurs, nonprofits and impact networks focused on ocean conservation, greentech, fintech and DeFi, achieving net zero, and more