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Collaborate with your stakeholders to realize integrated impact, ESG and financial outcomes

The RAZ Finance network is developing a blockchain-driven online platform that manages:

Integrated Impact and Financial Performance

For Investors

Reporting in accordance with governance, impact measurement and management best practices for investors who value purpose-driven opportunities. Due diligence timeframes become efficient, deals are executed quickly, transaction cost and assessment time evaporates. Third-party impact verification and due diligence facilitated by blockchain solutions and smart contracts.

Indexed and Ranked Company and Product Impact

For Companies and Consumers

The platform collects ESG and impact data from companies, verifies the data and creates searchable indexes and rankings that are made transparent to consumers. The aggregated data is processed and made available to industry-specific digital trading platforms to facilitate product differentiation and consumer trust.

RAZ simplifies ESG, sustainability, impact and investment data management while verified outcomes catalyze decentralized economic opportunities

Across the landscape of:

  • Capital Deployment
  • Impact
  • ESG
  • Sustainability
  • Financial Performance

Stakeholder groups verify actions and results while they are still unfolding in alignment with investor themes and strategies, best practices, standards and regulations.

Outcomes and datasets are secured through blockchain protocols.

Results from each initiative are tokenized to facilitate:

  • Impact verification
  • DeFi-driven data trading
  • Reduced risk for investors
  • Increased investment liquidity
  • Faster and more efficient due diligence
  • Secure access to integrated impact and financial data
  • Opportunities for purpose-driven companies and projects to access capital more efficiently
  • a RAZ market for impact, ESG and sustainable investing opportunities


RAZ supports investors, business leaders and teams through an integrated process of navigating their impact and financial performance.

Data inputs from the due diligence process, financial decisions and investment, alongside impact measurement and management, are correlated to verified impact and economic outcomes.

Integrated impact and financial reporting showcases genuine factors that lead to the realization of economic, social and environmental benefit.

Proof of Concept Product Dive

Where We Are Now

Investors and companies can choose and customize their Impact Themes while tracking:

  • Actions taken by stakeholders to realize ESG, sustainability or impact
  • Activities across company initiatives are verified by stakeholders engaged in the project: investors, team members, employees, consultants, partners, suppliers, customers, community members, verification experts and intended beneficiaries
  • Capital allocated, and deployed, to each action step involved in the realization of an Impact Theme
  • Each company that utilizes the platform onboards members from their own stakeholder groups
  • Datasets are tokenized through OCEAN ERC-20 datatokens and traded through the Ocean Market

Development Journey and Network Integration: Q4 of 2021 to 2022 and beyond

  • Timelines, proof points and verification events are connected with blockchain protocols
  • Confidential and proprietary data is stored securely while actions and verification events are recorded on transparent ledgers
  • Data privacy: RAZ network members remain in control of how their data is accessed and utilized
  • Off-chain data is secured and bridged to a diverse range of blockchains via oracle solutions and smart contracts
  • Impact outcomes are correlated to resulting revenue across the timeline of the project or investment, with the option of integrating data from campaigns that share results with the public and stakeholder groups.
  • The RAZ process transforms three categories of previously unrelated data into interconnected digital assets that become unalterable and transparent.
  • Financial and impact reporting become integrated through data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • RAZ becomes a secondary market that facilitates due diligence, capital deployment and liquidity across the landscape of ESG, impact and sustainable investing opportunities.

Our Members

Stakeholders across the emerging regenerative economy:

  • Investors, business leaders, researchers and teams seeing to improve how they measure and manage positive impact in correlation to financial performance
  • Companies seeking to track the process of deploying capital to sustainable transitions, green building solutions and ESG initiatives, while verifying outcomes and their influence on financial return
  • Mission-driven entrepreneurs focused on ocean conservation, greentech, fintech and DeFi, achieving net zero, and more
  • Investor and company stakeholders including employees, suppliers, team members, engineers, project managers, consultants, advisors and more¬†
  • Data verifiers and experts across the ecosystem of ESG, impact measurement and management, finance, sustainability and infrastructure development